Demographic Doom
Why the World is Falling Apart

A Philosophy Project by Glenn Campbell
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Humanity is headed for a massive economic and population collapse. video intro
Little can be done in the short term, but a new family structure called the
modular family may improve the outlook over time.

This project consists of a videos series and a complex reference structure based on social media.
Manuscript coming soon: "The Fertility Manifesto: Redesigning the Human Family"
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The page below is no longer maintained but is retained for whatever value it may contain.

Demographic Comedy

On This Page: | Millennials vs. Baby Boomers | Hungary Birth Incentives | Man Sues Parents | Vermont Incentives | Abortion Foes | Pop Song

Demography isn't known for it's comedy, but here are a few clips that might make you think otherwise.

Millennials vs. Baby Boomers - SNL

Hungary Birth Incentives - Seth Myers

Man Sues Parents - Stephen Colbert

Vermont Incentives - Lewis Black

Abortion Foes - Cartoon

Demography Pop Song - Population Resource Bureau

Page Created: 23 Feb 2019