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The Modular Family
Redesigning How Children Are Raised
a manuscript in progress by Glenn Campbell

The The Modular Family is a manuscript by Glenn Campbell describing the "modular family"—a large family structure intended to produce responsible, well-raised children at relatively low cost. The manuscript explores the many implications of this structure and why it is needed.

This manuscript is currently free to read as a 60-page PDF file

This is a work in progress, and revisions can be expected about once a week. For notice of revisions, follow the @DemographicDoom Twitter feed or the Twitter hashtag #ddoom_bookchanges.

History and Supporting Materials

  • The Modular Family was first introduced in a 15-minute video on 26 March 2019.

  • The Modular Family was defined in a Blog Post in 9 July 2019.

  • Writing of the main manuscript began on 19 July 2019. Originally titled: "The Fertility Manifesto: Redesigning the Human Family."

  • The modular family was described in the premiere episode of my DD podcast on 19 Sept 2019.

  • The first partial draft, with 60 pages, was released on this website on 13 October 2019. (This webpage page created on same day.) Twitter announcement

  • The first release of this manuscript was announces in a a podcast episode on 15 October 2019.

Humanity is headed for a massive economic and population collapse. video intro
Little can be done in the short term, but a new family structure called the
modular family may improve the outlook over time.

This project consists of a videos series and a complex reference structure based on social media,
a manuscript describing the modular family and a podcast.
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