Demographic Doom
Why the World is Falling Apart

A Philosophy Project by Glenn Campbell
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Humanity is headed for a massive economic and population collapse. video intro
Little can be done in the short term, but a new family structure called the
modular family may improve the outlook over time.

This project consists of a videos series and a complex reference structure based on social media.
Manuscript coming soon: "The Fertility Manifesto: Redesigning the Human Family"
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Curated Demographic References

A Comprehensive Reference Structure via Twitter and YouTube Playlists

My @DemographicDoom Twitter account isn't just a series of tweets; it is an elaborate indexing system for demographic references. As I encounter references relevant to my thesis, I compose them as tweets, indexed by a series of hashtags that should be unique to this account. Tweets may also record my own original work and various housekeeping events. This system was started 7 April 2019. Older references can be found on the Structured References page(no longer maintained).

Videos are indexed separately on YouTube Playlists, while Instagram posts have their own separate indexing system. Curated by Glenn Campbell

This is a very active Twitter account, essentially building a reference database, so you may not want to follow it directly. See bottom of page for further notes.

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NOTE: To be sure you are seeing all tweets from each hashtag, click on the "Latest" tab at the top of the Twitter search page.


Main hashtags below refer to posts on the @DemographicDoom twitter feed. They concern both the demographic crisis in each country and its looming debt or governance problems.

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