Demographic Doom
Why the World is Falling Apart

A Philosophy Project by Glenn Campbell

The page below is no longer maintained but is retained for whatever value it may contain.

Related Essays and Videos

Below are my recent essays and videos that are consistent with the views expressed in my Demographic Doom manuscript. (For earlier essays and videos that may not be consistent, see Prehistory.)

Glenn's One-Page Essays on Related Topics. - Click on image for larger version.


Prompted by a surprise Cancer Diagnosis in July 2018 (now in remission), I recorded an impromptu video on my Demographic Doom project. At the time, I didn't think I had long to live. The video is over 1.5 hours, recorded in a single take. The video covers may general thesis, his vision for the book and its overall structure. It also provides an overview of his interesting life over the past 25 years, including activism at Area 51 and Las Vegas Family Court and 10 years as a world traveler visiting 87 countries.

The video below is an excerpt from the now-abandoned "Baby Bomb" video series (See Prehistory.) It is included here because it is consistent with the new manuscript.