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@DemographicDoom isn't just a Twitter feed. It's an essay medium and a complex database of references.

This page is intended to provide a comprehensive index of hashtags, Tweet Essays, podcasts and videos in the Demographic Doom universe, arranged by subject. To learn how the system work, click on any link below that piques your interest.

Nearly everything below is the product of the hyperprolific curator Glenn Campbell.

On this page:  Top Tweet Essays · Podcasts & Videos · Demographics · Macroeconomics · Family and Childrearing · Philosophy · Countries/States · Media Sources · Internal Functions · Rules and notes

Notes:   📜 refers to a Tweet Essay, linking to the first tweet in the thread.
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Family and Childrearing

Philosophy and Politics

Countries and States

Country and state hashtags may include tweets from both @DemographicDoom and @BadDalailama. Only countries with existing tweets are listed.

Everything Below is Obsolete. Retained for salvaged construction materials.


  • Most hashtags linked below start "#ddoom_". A few may start with "#dd_" if the hashtag is primarily for internal housekeeping.
  • There is also a parallel indexing system for my Instagram account, which uses most of the same hashtags. (Twitter hashtags may be shorter to save space.)
  • YouTube playlists are indexed separately.
NOTE: To be sure you are seeing all tweets from each hashtag, click on the "Latest" tab at the top of the Twitter search page.


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Sven Henrich · Peter Schiff · Donald Trump

Topics (Partial List)

For newly defined hashtags not on this list, see #ddoom_hashtag

#ddoom_ageconflictConflict between generations, especially the political power of the old dooming the future of the young.
#ddoom_antinatalismThe philosophy opposed to childbirth, on either moral or practical grounds. YT · IG
#ddoom_babyboomConcerning the U.S. Baby Boom of 1946-1964 and its long-term aftermath. May also include the baby booms of other countries.
#ddoom_complexityConcerning bureaucratic complexity and its costs to society.
#ddoom_conspiracyConspiracy theories relating to population.
#ddoom_contrarianOpinions that are contrary to accepted wisdom or views I express (or example, claiming there is little risk of recession).
#ddoom_debtArticles concerning unsustainable debt, both public and private.
#ddoom_debtusaArticles concerning unsustainable debt in the USA. (Also tagged with #ddoom_debt)
#ddoom_economicsArticles concerning economic issues and definitions, excluding recession. (#ddoom_economics and #ddoom_recession appear in the same tweet only rarely.)
#ddoom_familyConcerning the structure and functioning of the family, both present and future (#ddoom_futurefamily)
#ddoom_fertilityConcerning fertility, or the number of babies per woman, as well as the attempts by individuals to conceive children, or deciding whether to have them.
#ddoom_futurefamilyConcerning possible family structure in the future. Also tagged as #ddoom_family
#ddoom_ivfIn-vitro fertilization and other artificial methods of conception. May be related to #ddoom_eugenics
#ddoom_mortalityConcerning death statistics. Many be used interchangably with #ddoom_longevity
#ddoom_nuclearfamilyThe trials and tribulations of the traditional nuclear family.
#ddoom_polling Results of public opinion polls. (Excluded in #ddoom_statistics.) In my view, polling data isn't strictly "demographic", because the opinions of the public can change on a whim, so I don't tweet many public opinion polls.
#ddoom_qualityArticles concerning "population quality", a term I haven't fully defined.
#ddoom_recessionArticles concerning a forthcoming recession or an even worse collapse beginning in 2019 or 2020. YT
#ddoom_statisticsDemographic statistics (excludes #ddoom_polling)
Migration #ddoom_talentflight = concerning outward migration of talented workers, as seen from the affected region or country
#ddoom_immigration = concerning the deliberate and generally positive acceptance of new citizens, as seen from the receiving country.
#ddoom_refugees = concerning the forced migration of individuals due to war or severe economic conditions. Includes both political refugees and illegal aliens, moving solely for economic reasons.
#ddoom_rural = Concerning the flight of talent and population from rural areas to cities within a country.
#ddoom_migration = concerning general migration, used mainly if one of the above tags don't apply.
Individuals · Darrell Bricker (#DarrellBricker) · Ray Dalio (#RayDalio) · Art Laffer (#ArtLaffer) · Larry Summers (#LarrySummers) · Donald Trump · Thomas Malthus (#ThomasMalthus #Malthus #Malthusian)
Organizations International Monetary Fund · U.S. Federal Reserve · European Central Bank · Bank of Japan
Other Topics Academic Papers · Aging issues · Birthrisks * · Cobra Effect · Charts & Graphs · Civil Wars · Climate Change · Depopulation · Education · Electorate · Eugenics · Family Issues · Family Size · Sex Ratios at Birth · Government Pro-Birth Incentives · Government Pro-Birth Policies · International Tensions · Marriage · Millennials · Modern Monetary Theory · Nature or Nurture? * · Overpopulation · Philosophy · Politics · Polygamy · Populism · Poverty · Productivity · Pro-Birth Propaganda · Real Estate · Retirement · Rural Flight · Robots & Automation · Spoiled Children · China's One Child Policy
Years Before 2019 Any references that were produced before 2019 are tagged with their year of original publication, including: 2006 · 2016 · 2017 · 2018

Housekeeping Functions

#ddoom_originalLinks related to my own original work. The tag can be used for anything I produced myself, as opposed to references from third parties. This tag is intended for substantial accomplishments like new videos (#ddoom_videorelease), written works and terms invented (#ddoom_mynewterm). For routine housekeeping functions, like new hashtags, #ddoom_housekeeping is used instead. (Differentiated on 19 Apr 2019.)
#ddoom_videoreleaseTweets announcing the release of my own original video posted on the DD YouTube Account.
#ddoom_milestone Items recording a transitional event in the evolution of my Demographic Doom project. Alternatively, tweets may be flagged with #ddoom_timeline for lesser events whose dates I want to record but that don't constitute "milestones". (#ddoom_milestone and #ddoom_timeline shouldn't be used in the same tweet.)
#ddoom_myblogIndicates a link to an new entry in the Demographic Doom Blog. This is distinct from #ddoom_blog, which refers only to other people's blof posts.
#ddoom_mynewtermTweets announcing my invention of a new term. Also tagged with #ddoom_definition.
#ddoom_timelineRoutine changes to the project that don't constitute "Milestones". (#ddoom_timeline can be applied only if #ddoom_milestone and #ddoom_housekeeping aren't used.) Generating a #ddoom_timeline tweet is similar to adding an item to the old Revision Log.
#ddoom_housekeeping The announcement of miscelaneous structural changes to the project that don't involve any substantial content and aren't covered by other hashtags in this section.
#ddoom_hashtagThe announcement of new Twitter hashtags. These tweets usually start: "#ddoom_xxxxx is my new hashtag for..." Hashtag announcements generally include only topics and housekeeping functions; they do not include countries, media sources, people and organizations.
#dd_htfu #ddoom_hashtagfirstuse Indicates when a hashtag is first used. The hashtag in question appears in the tweet immediately before #ddoom_hashtagfirstuse. If a number appears, like "#ddoom_hashtagfirstuse 2", it means that the two preceding hashtags are being used for the first time.
#ddoom_repostAn existing tweet is re-posted, usually with some new hashtags that were forgotten in the original tweet. The original tweet is deleted if it is less than two days old; otherwise, it is retained.
#ddoom_videoplaylistHighlights new and existing video playlists on the >DD YouTube Account. These are lists of videos, mostly from third parties, fully indexed on the Video Page.
#ddoom_countrypost A tweet that provides cross-reference links for a country, including its YouTube playlist and Instagram hashtag. Also tagged with #ddoom_hashtag
#ddoom_manuscript Announcements relating to the book manuscript I am currently working on, currently The Fertility Manifesto (started 18 April 2019). (Also tagged #ddoom_original.) Significant Manuscript changes are also recorded on the Timeline page. See separate tag #ddoom_footnote for support of factual claims.
#ddoom_footnote Virtual footnote to the Fertility Manifesto manuscript. Intended to support some factual claim I make as I am writing. (NOT tagged with #ddoom_manuscript)

NOTE: To be sure you are seeing all tweets from each hashtag, click on the "Latest" header at the top of the Twitter search page.

Starting on 7 April 2019, tweets are indexed via hashtags that begin #ddoom_. For example, to find all tweets on China, see #ddoom_china. This system is intended to replace the existing Structured References page, which was too difficult to maintain. (That page is preserved for older references, but no new articles will be added.) I can't prevent others from using these hashtags, but I hope people will employ them according to the same standards I use. (If possible, also add the hashtag #ddoom_x to indicate that this tweet was externally produced.)

Twitter posts are indexed by topic, country and media source according to the hashtags listed below. Click on the link for the relevant tweets. Unfortunately, the order these tweets are displayed is arbitrary, determined by Twitter.

This Twitter hashtag system is based on the system already implemented for Instagram. (Those hashtags are indexed on the Video page.) Twitter hashtags roughly correspond to those on Instagram, but there could be some subtle differences. For one thing, there are a lot my hashtags on Twitter. Instagram hashtags can also be retroactively changed for existing posts, while Twitter hashtags cannot.

The Twitter account is used chiefly for print references and other text-based events. Videos are rarely included here (except my own) because they are indexed separately in video playlists. Short video excerpts are posted on Instagram and are not announced or duplicated on Twitter.

The @DemographicDoom account is very active with potentially dozens of tweets a days (interspersed with periods of inactivity). Unless you are a hardcore demographics fan, you may not wish to follow this account directly. Instead you can simply access it as needed via the hashtags above.

History: This hashtag system was started on 7 April 2019 and further developed in the following weeks. (No significant hashtags are present before that date. For those references, see the Structured References page.) The hashtags are continuously expanding, but most old hashtags will continue to be supported. (If I change how a hashtag is used or spelled, I will note it in a tweet that includes both new and old hashtags.) Since old tweets can't be changed, older tweets may not take advantage of newer hashtags. Starting 19 April 2019, I try to post a new stand-alone tweet for each new hashtag created, tagged as #ddoom_hashtag.

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