Demographic Doom
Why the World is Falling Apart

A Philosophy Project by Glenn Campbell

The page below is no longer maintained but is retained for whatever value it may contain.

Prehistoric Essays & Videos

Before I started the Demographic Doom website, I produced a series of videos and a few one-page essays on demography. My ideas on population were not yet fully formed, and these works may not reflect my current thinking, but I have retained them for any value they may contain. (If nothing else, I may mine them for clips and graphics to be used in future videos.) While the videos can still be watched on YouTube, their status has been changed to "Unlisted", which means they can't be found on YouTube and Google searches. This page may be the only place you can find them!

For my latest videos, consistant with my current thinking, see my Demographic Doom YouTube Channel. Third party videos and a few original ones can be found on Demographic Doom Instagram

Glenn's One-Page Essays on Related Topics - Click on image for larger version.

Russian Roulette: Childbirth, by Glenn Campbell The Problem of Creeping Commitment, by Glenn Campbell

Prehistoric Videos

Many of the ideas expounded in Demographic Doom were first expressed in Glenn's now-abandoned Baby Bomb video series (2015-2016) displayed below in sequential order. The first video below was recorded shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer in July 2018. Since I thought I might die, I wanted to record my plans for this project. Since I obviously didn't die, I have now made this video "Unlisted".

Demographic Doom Roadmap (active pages only)