Demographic Doom
Why the World is Falling Apart

A Philosophy Project by Glenn Campbell

The page below is no longer maintained but is retained for whatever value it may contain.

Structured References

THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED but is still useful. It was active from January to March, 2019. Starting 7 April 2019, all new references are added to Twitter and can be retrieved through as system of unique hashtags that are partially listed here. The list below is still useful because most of the references given here are not reproduced on Twitter.

Below is a structured reference list on demography and debt, curated by Glenn Campbell (me). The articles I choose to include may tell you something about my philosophy and my plans for the Demographic Doom manuscript. Most references are from the past five years. I may ignore secondary references that simply restate information from elsewhere. This list is frequently updated, so come back in a few days for more. Text in italics are my own comments.

For YouTube videos from news outlets, see the "video playlist" like beside each country or subsection. (Most videos are not listed directly on this page but in YouTube playlists.) Also see the Glossary for additional references and the Twitter Feed for new references as I find them (before they are integrated into this list).

As of March 2019, new articles are no longer being added to this list, as it has been replaced by a system of hashtags on Twitter for print references. Videos are now indexed separately in video playlists. This page is retained for the useful links already present and to direct you to the new indexing systems on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Beside each topic below, look for video playlist, Twitter and Instagram.

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