Demographic Doom
Why the World is Falling Apart

A Philosophy Project by Glenn Campbell

Video Overview
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The Demographic Doom project includes extensive video resources, which fall into four main categories:

My original videos on YouTube - index below
Lists of third-party videos on YouTube playlists - index below
Excerpts of both my videos and third-party videos on Instagram - index below

My Original YouTube Videos

My own original videos appear in two playlists:
  1. Primary Video Series - Long format videos of more than 20 minutes attempted to create a book-like narrative.
  2. Short Videos - Videos on single topics, usually 3 to 10 minutes long.
Prehistory: The earlier incarnation of this project was called the "The Baby Bomb". I produced six long videos under that title. The series had some holistic flaws, and I have since abandoned it. All the videos have now been changed to "Unlisted" on YouTube. The only way to find them is through the Prehistory Page. Their main value today is providing source video for some of the Short Videos above.

YouTube Playlists

As I encounter YouTube videos on btopics, I add them to playlists under the Demographic Doom channel. I prefer videos less than 5 years old. Most playlists are ordered with the most recent additions first. Where possible, I try to place the most important videos at the top of each list. Each topic has a corresponding hashtag on twitter, and these playlists are also included in the Master List of Twitter Topics. There may and be a corresponding topic on Instagram.

My Videos Primary Series · Short Video Series
My Podcast Newest First · Oldest First
By Country
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USA birth crisis · USA by State · USA Aging Crisis

By Region Africa · Asia · Scandinavia · Europe · Caribbean · Central Asia · Baltic · Balkans
Debt Crisis
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Topics Most Important Demography Videos · Most Important Economic Videos

Acadamic Demography · Ageing Crisis Worldwide · Ancient History · Antinatalism · Baby Boom · Birth Control · Climate Change · Demographic Comedy · Demographic Concepts Explained · Eugenics · Financial Effects of Demography · Government Incentives · Health Care · Human Capital Flight · Instagram Source Videos · Malthusian Dilemma · Parenting Perils & Future · Pension Crisis · Population Conspiracy Theories · Population Explosion Hysteria · Population History · Pro-Birth Propaganda · Recession Predictions 2020 · Recession 2008 (GFC) · Religion & Population · Worldwide Demographic Issues

On YouTube, the title of each playlist ends with a code in brackets ( example: {rc} ). This is an internal maintenance code of little interest to readers. For my own reference, these are the code meanings:
    r = "reverse": Playlist has been set so the most recently added videos appear at the top of the list by default.
    c = "country post": a post for this country or topic has been created on Twitter, indexed by #ddoom_country or #ddoom_topic. Each Twitter post includes links to the playlist, wikipedia and my Instagram.
    w = "website": Playlist has been added to the Twitter index page and a link to this playlist is present there. and a link to that post has been added to the playlist description and this page includes a link to the Instagram hashtag.
    d = "description": A description of at least one sentence has been added to the Playlist. (Does not require any links in description.)
    m = Description includes a link to the Master list of playlists and this playlist is listed there.
    t = This playlist has been Tweeted on @DemographicDoom twitter feed.
    b = Playlist has its own short link.


The Demographic Doom Instagram feed has two main components: graphs and video excerpts. The video excerpts include both my own videos and unauthorized portions of third-party videos.

See this Youtube playlist for the source videos for all Instagram posts, in the same order as they appear in the Instagram feed.

All posts on the Instagram feed are indexed with special hashtags to help you find specific kinds of posts. These hashtags include...

#ddoom_videos All videos. See YouTube playlist for the original unedited videos in the same order they appear on Instagram.
#ddoom_graphs All posts that feature graphs, including still photos and videos that include graphs.
#ddoom_original Posts that I produced myself. (No third-party posts.)
#ddoom_pyramids Posts that show population pyramids.
#ddoom_marriage Posts concerning marriage.
#ddoom_fertility Posts concerning fertility, birth rates and childhood mortality.
#ddoom_parenting Parenting and families.
#ddoom_newsreport Television news reports about demography.
#ddoom_articles Printed news articles, blog reports and other web content, partially reproduced here.
#ddoom_comedy Demographic humor, from late-night comedians and other sources.
#ddoom_promo Promotional posts for my latest YouTube videos, usually posted on the same day as the original video.
#ddoom_prehistoric Videos that were recorded before the creation of this website. (Recorded from November 2016 through March 2017.)
Other Topics: Antinatalism · Siblings · Pensions Crisis
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